A developmental disorder with neurobiological basis

Autism is defined and detected on the basis of behavioral and developmental aspects. It is the most common of the developmental disorders and it affects 1 out of 68 children.



Early and intensive intervention for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Highly specialized Intensive Programs and Early Intervention. We carry out a Lovaas/UCLA program replica in Spain. It is based on a psycho-social intervention, the effectiveness of which counts on scientific support.

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The artificial intelligence at autistic and Asperfer Syndrome children's service

Fundación Planeta Imaginario lanched two apps based on ABA system that bring structure and help developing new learning skills.

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Formación ABA Autismo

The countdown to the end of the year has started, and we want to take advantage of these special dates to thank you for this 2016 full of experiences and learning with you. The 2016 has been a year in which we have walked through our main objective, to offer our children the greatest and the best possible care and clinical intervention.


Merry Christmas 2017

From the Planeta Imaginario Foundation we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

This year has been full of challenges and achievements that have made this 2016 an incredible year. All planetariums know that it would not have been possible without the confidence you have placed in us. To all the families who trust in our work, to all the participants to our trainings, as well as those who have chosen the apps that Planeta Imaginario puts at your disposal...for all this and much, THANK YOU!


Curso Formación Escola Meritxell Andorra 2016 

The "Nostra Senyora de Meritxell School” in Andorra performed a training-stage last week in Barcelona.

Throughout the week, part of the “Meritxell Center’s” staff, which moved to Barcelona, joined our different teams in order to see the implementation and praxis of the ABA model for children with ASD.


Cursos ABA 2016

As each new academic year, Planeta Imaginario Foundation stats its training period for internship students from several universities that currently collaborate with the Foundation.

The students have the opportunity to take part in sessions with the different children that we work with (making observations, doing some material or observational records, as well as other tasks related to the ABA methodology), ...


Charla Virtual Argentina Septiembr 2016 ABA

The Planeta Imaginario Foundation will hold a free webinar on September 9 at 3:00 p.m. carried out by the clinical director, Víctor Rodríguez,

Within the webinar we will discuss, among other topics of general interest on autism, the use of leisure in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).


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Our method

What do we teach?

The intervention programme is aimed at the functional development of all the critical areas in the development of the child.

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How do we teach?

We teach the children by using procedures based on Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)

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How is the child’s day structured?

During the intervention the child is taught in a one-to-one situation (therapist or parent – child).

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Who carries out the intervention?

The greater part of the intervention is carried out by a team of between two and four therapists; these are graduate psychologists, educational psychologists and people trained in speech therapy or special educational needs.

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