A developmental disorder with neurobiological basis

Autism is defined and detected on the basis of behavioral and developmental aspects. It is the most common of the developmental disorders and it affects 1 out of 68 children.



Early and intensive intervention for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Highly specialized Intensive Programs and Early Intervention. We carry out a Lovaas/UCLA program replica in Spain. It is based on a psycho-social intervention, the effectiveness of which counts on scientific support.

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The artificial intelligence at autistic and Asperfer Syndrome children's service

Fundación Planeta Imaginario lanched two apps based on ABA system that bring structure and help developing new learning skills.

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reunión staff verano 2016

The Staff of the Foundation does a new three-month meeting to update and do some training with the whole team.

As usual, the Foundation organizes meetings every three months to incorporate changes in terms of structureand clinical perspectives, always having the goal of improving our daily work with our kids.


 Proyecto Andorra ABA 2016

Planeta Imaginario Foundation starts a new training project in Andorra. The ones receiving this training are the school Meritxell, a center of national reference in training and educating people with disabilities in Andorra.

The cooperation agreement will start in June and will bring the ABA intervention modelin both theoretical and practical terms, to Andorra and specifically to the School Meritxell.


 Colaboracions Apps Educació Especial

With our first iSecuencias’ proposal, that has exceeded the 300,000 downloads Worldwide, and now with AbaPlanet, Planeta Imaginario Appps intends to advance in the world of new technologies applied to learning of children with Pervasive Developmental Disorder and to look for synergies and exchanges of information with specialized centres.

Planeta Imaginario Apps bets hard for his latest app AbaPlanet and expands its implementation in three new centres of Special Education in the Spanish territory.

We are delighted to present the new partnerships established with different centres of Barcelona, specifically Escola Fàsia and Autisme Gurú Private Foundation and at national level with Aula TEA ICT from the Development Autism Association in Albacete.


 Curso Itàlia ABA Mayo 2016 portada

This next weekend, Planeta Imaginario Foundation moves to Italy to take part in the training focused on the ABA methodology.

Basic training in the ABA Intervention Model.

The Foundation thus makes the third course abroad this year 2016 , this time we move to Chieti Scalo.

The course is organized by the Università degli Studi di Chieti (Ud'A).


Proyecto BTTEA

Planeta Imaginario Foundation, through our Social Project assisting other entities, collaborates with the social company Dinamiks Education Leisure and Sport in the BTTEA Project, that has the aim of bringing sports to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder through bicicles.

Since October and until June, staff from Planeta Imaginario Foundation together with staff from Dinamiks, work to increase Self-care Skills of a group of children with ASD, with the goal of increasing their psychomotor activity, encouraging their social skills and of course learning and enjoying riding a bicycle.   


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Our method

What do we teach?

The intervention programme is aimed at the functional development of all the critical areas in the development of the child.

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How do we teach?

We teach the children by using procedures based on Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)

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How is the child’s day structured?

During the intervention the child is taught in a one-to-one situation (therapist or parent – child).

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Who carries out the intervention?

The greater part of the intervention is carried out by a team of between two and four therapists; these are graduate psychologists, educational psychologists and people trained in speech therapy or special educational needs.

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