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The first videos of some of our children playing and learning through Abaplanet are already available on our web page! If you want to know a little bit more of our application and how can it contribute to the learning of children with educational needs, don't miss them!

There, you will find some of the reinforcements used in this first version-app, as well as the different operating modes, its working, the helps applied to incorrect answers and its effectiveness when removing them.

You neither cannot pass by how our children enjoy while using it, being the reinforcements as invigorating as their own learning process.




Thank you so much Alsassua!! Planeta Imaginario Training wants to thank sincerely the attendees for their welcome, their interest and the professionalism shown.

We go on with our task in order to train the best professionals and to share our passion, to teach our children.

Here, you will find a link to some pictures, taken during the training, of the attendees and the good environment we found there.

We'll keep you informed about the next trainings.

Planeta Imaginario Training


Curso Formacion Barcelona

Planeta Imaginario Training would like to thank the attendees to the training given last week in Barcelona.

Our Advanced Training in ABA reaches every day more professionals and relatives who work and live with children with ASD. The Planeta Imaginario Foundation staff is proud of seeing how the number of attendees is highly increasing course after course, as well as the number of organizations interested on attending to the trainings that Planeta Imaginario Training is developing nowadays.



Next Benefit ConcertThe Planeta Imaginario Foundation wants to share with you all great night surrounded by good music. This is why we would like to invite you to our benefit concert.

It will take place on November 14 at Sala Suite, in 191 Aribau St. The event will feature The Sharon Stones, the responsible to liven up this special night.



isecuencies  portada

Planeta Apps is still working hard to present iSEQUENCES 2.0's new version.

At the moment it is available in IOS and you can download it from the Apple Store.

This revised and improved version incorporates:



ABAPLANETDownload Abaplanet! What are waiting for?

Abaplanet is an advanced learning app that allows us to teach both, receptive language and matching exercises. It contains up to 350 basic vocabulary words that could be worked with 4 real photos and 2 pictures. Besides this, there's the option to add one more photo or picture from your own repertoire. It includes a smart system to adjust the difficulty level depending on the child's learning progress.



isecuences-androids-After getting more than 25.000 downloads of the Lite version of our apps (free) and even more than 7500 sales of the paid version, iSequences is already available on Google Play.

This way, iSequences, which is currently available only in IOS, has also launched its Android version, expanding, thereby, its market.

You will find the full version on the following link iSequences for Android, and the Lite version on iSequences Lite.

We would like to thank the PuntCAT Foundation for relying on iSequences.





The Planeta Imaginario Foundation is specialized in ABA's application (Applied Behaviour Analysis) used in the treatment of children with autism. (Click on the image to enlarge it).

Initially, Planeta Imaginario Foundation's main foundational aim was to offer an effective treatment to children with ASD. This is carried out in different localities around Spain throughout different activities such as consultancy, sem-intensive or intensive service




Since last February, the 11th, a news of interest about a validated screening tool for autism spectrum disorders (ASD) applied at early stages. It is available at the newspaper "la Opinión de Zamora".

Even though nowadays several tools to reach that objective are available, the news is referred to the sifting test named M-CHAT and to the projecte developed by lecturers' team at the Salamanca University.




We can find everyday more and more apps related to ASD and other learning disabilities that can be used trough different devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. That is why we highly recommend you the iAutism webpage, in order to keep you informed about all the important news within this field.


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